So which waisttrainer is good for workout and which one is good for all day use?

Hi Esmeralda!  I love your products and Ive been wearing it since after I had my son.  Im a bit confused and I was wondering if you can help me out.  In my job Im constantly moving around in a very fast paced work environment.  I see results using the 3 Hook Classica waist trainer but sometimes I can’t barely move fast enough and Im constantly stiff.  I don’t go to the gym but I eat healthy.  Did I buy the right one? – Zoey

I Heart My Miss Busy BEE

I honestly get this question often and truthfully waisttraining has its scenarios where depending on what you do for work, you must choose the right waist trainer.  In Zoey’s email her job demands high physical movements which we can say its equivalent to semi-paced cardio.  She can be a waitress in a busy restaurant or a post office mail lady.

With my products I never want any of my ladies getting hurt at work.  However, a big mistake is to choose the workout waist trainer only because its more flexible.  The solution is the Latex Free Waist trainer.

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-11-33-11-pmThe reason this waist trainer works best for high intensity work days is because of the material fabric and inner frame.  It allows you to move around easy for many hours and no restrictions.  Whereas the workout does the same but can only be worn for 3 hours max, otherwise you’ll damage your waist trainer.

Another reason why the Latex Free works well is because its unnoticeable.  Very discreet and doesn’t create any marks when you put your uniform on.  This is important especially if you’re constantly on the move in public interacting with people.

Esmeralda, I hope you post this question because me and my co-workers wanna know what to do here.  I purchased your 3 Hook Workout 1 week ago and I’m addicted.  The thing is that I work in a office where I sit down most of the time and I wear it to work and when i go to the gym.  It feels hot when I wear it and I sweat a lot using it.  Very comfy.  But my girl purchased the other one the black latex one and we bought it at the same time.  Her hourglass ima be honest I’m super hating on her but i didn’t wanna tell her. Idc because I’m hotter than her anyways but the point is why is she getting the hourglass shape quicker than me?  I got the workout one but she got the latex one.  Pls Help!  – Misty

I Heart My Office Ladies

Mysty you’re a doll!  This is also a tricky one.  Lets set the bar straight.  If you work in a office environment where you sit for several consecutive hours a day.  Light movement walking to one office then back to your desk.  Receptionist, Admins, Executive assistants, Customer service reps and whoever I missed Im sorry I still love you but you know who you are this ones for you.

The 3 Hook Classica Latex Waist trainer is your solution.  screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-11-59-15-pmThe challenge here is the aggressive compression this waist trainer offers. Hence, Misty’s co-workers rapid hourglass results.  By choosing this product you’re sacrificing comfort for results.  I admit to you ladies, this isn’t easy…but you’ll love the results in just a few days.

By all means this doesn’t mean live uncomfortably.  No.  If you’re just starting waist training take it one step at a time.  More specifically, wear it in the morning from 8 am till noon.  Tomorrow wear it from 8 am till 3pm.  The following day wear it during your entire work day.

Dont push yourself further than this because then you can be prone to injury.  The 3 Hook Classica is preferred most for these work environments for its durability to hold your waist for all of those hours, where as the workout is only meant for 3 hours max at a lighter compression.

Hey Esmeralda.  Im a Zumba instructor and I want to buy a waist trainer to help support my back.  Ive literally seen girls at the gym with the black latex trainer for like 30 min and they can’t take it, so they end up taking it off in the middle of their workout.  I don’t want to do a training to then end up like her.  Any tips?   – Adalyss

I Heart My GYM-Bound Ladies

This question is pretty similar to the first topic on this blog.  High Intensity Cardio.  This time the only difference is that its for a workout session which on average can range between 1-3 hours per day at the gym.

The solution here is the 3 Hook Workout Waist trainer.  Its flexible and produces thermal heat so you can get rid of the water weight easier.  This trainer is meant to be worn for those hours at the gym.  Many of my gym clients purchase the bundle which during the day they wear the 3 Hook Classic but then when they hit the locker room they swap waist trainers and put on the 3 Hook Workout.  After the gym take off the workout waist trainer and done for the day.


I really enjoy answering questions from my clients because its real lifestyles which many of us can relate.  Many competitors try so desperately to sell saying “This is the all-in-one” and then one month later you don’t hear them using the waist trainer anymore.  Ask them why not?  “Aghh just a fad, not worth it” – Truth is… broke on them.  Send me a email if you have any questions ladies so I can also feature you on my next blog.

I Heart you all.


Ugh, why do I still feel the same?

Author: Esmeralda Santos  | June 2nd, 2016

Frustrated woman unhappy with weight gain

How long is this really suppose to take?

You push and push and push then look in the mirror and barely notice anything.  What am I doing wrong?  The struggle is real, plus the older I get the tougher the struggle.  I know Im not the only one whos felt this way.  But somehow I realized there are many ways to track your progression and its not always using some scale or machine.

Family Matters

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.41.37 PM“So babes do I look big?” and his response is always “oh yeah you look great keep pushing lovie”.  I swear sometimes he responds like a robot on auto-reply.

Not every family is the same.  Some are very close, others are super distant.  Im sure we probably have some aunt or uncle whos just a little too honest.  That one family member at the family reunion whos like “Oh girl you gained weight!” and Im like “Oh girl you got old!” and we all know how that goes.  Then out of nowhere somebody pulls out the album with the plastic cover on it from the 70’s saying “Come take a look at your mom when she was 20 something!”.

She was the queen of Disco apparently looking great for her age.  The message I captivated was that I must surpass her legacy.  Show to the world that our family tree is strong and healthy.  This personal motivation is what keeps me focused.


Next we have our fellow co-workers or class mates if you’re going to school.  Typically we see each other Eight hours a day, Five days a week in most cases.  Pay attention to the range of your office or workspace.  You have the co-worker who sits right next to you, then you have another co-worker who is on another floor that you only see for lunch and so on.  Ive learned that the biggest impact on transformation is acknowledged by the co-worker who is the most distant who only sees you from time to time.

“Whats your secret?” she asks me.  In the bathroom I show her that Ive been waist training for more than two months.  I was wearing the 3 Hook Classic Latex.  She then said “I have one of those at home but I barely use it anymore.  Can you breath in that thing, it looks uncomfortable.” I replied “In the first day it was super difficult and tough to breath”  I opened my trainer and showed her I had no bruises or marks. Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 12.09.56 AM

I then asked her about her trainer and the next day she brought it to work and showed me this all fabric belt.  I then told her this is exactly why you stopped wearing it.  Its all fabric, stretchy and wrinkled and she got it for less than $40.  She then replies “Yes I stopped because I wasn’t noticing anything long term but with your trainer even with it off I see a very strong difference, do you think this is due to the material?”  I responded yes very much so.  I didn’t want to talk too much about my trainer because then it would sound like Im trying too hard to convince her so I told her that I would get one for her and if she notices change then she can pay me back.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 12.14.23 AMMy co-worker was a taller girl so I got her a the Triple Hook Latex Vest and when she tried it on she fell in love immediately.  She paid me immediately without hesitation and told me that the material is what makes this belt so great.  I told her that my waist trainer is not the only solution, its super critical to eat healthy and workout and have a balanced healthy lifestyle to see the real permanent change.  As of this day the Security flirts with her everyday that shes about to slap security with the waist trainer.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what other people think about you.  Its how you feel about yourself.  Even tho you dont see immediate results in the mirror, someone who hasn’t seen you in awhile will notice that change.



I was fit, but then I got Pregnant.

Author: Esmeralda Santos  | May 25th, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 5.17.08 PM

Hi dolls!!🙋  For the past 9 months I’ve been away due to a major life changing experience. In March of 2015 I found out I was pregnant with my first baby 😳 . Pregnancy is something that I had wished for in the past, however due to previously being overweight my doctor advised me that it would be difficult to conceive. Once I lost weight I started getting my regular cycles and BOOM!!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 5.25.15 PM

🙆  The blessing of motherhood arrived! I was super excited when I found out, I cried with joy but at the same time I was scared and nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. My body had gone through a major transformation from 2012-2015 as you probably read my previous blog. I lost a little over 70lbs and here I am with the news expecting to get big and gain weight in the next upcoming 9 months.

Body Changes

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 5.21.24 PM

Each trimester was challenging in its own way. In my first trimester I stopped attending my hot yoga classes along with doing my fasted cardio. I decreased my gym days from 6 days to 2-3 days. My energy was on the floor and my morning sickness was kicking my behind 🤕 . I didn’t gain any weight during this time, if any I think I lost. At the beginning of my second trimester I still felt sleepy with low energy 😴  😴 , my morning sickness was at a high peak, which halfway through the second trimester things seemed to get better. I started recording my weight gain in the month of May, I didn’t notice a significant weight gain until my 6th month. I tried to eat the healthy but preggo cravings 😈  got the best of me. Its like the baby and I were at war, Let’s see who wins this time, seems like baby always 👶


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 5.30.27 PMBy the time I was entering my 7th month I had gained 27 lbs  😭  😭  . I was miserable, swollen I felt fat unattractive, no energy with a very high appetite. I stopped taking pictures but my hubby insisted since I hated what I saw in the camera and the mirror. It was very difficult and at times I cried😭 😭  because I feared that I would stay big after having the baby. Don’t get me wrong, I was thankful and happy with the blessing I had been given. I was looking forward to motherhood. My baby’s kicks and his sonogram pics made me feel better as it was such a beautiful feeling. Thru the sonogram I would see and feel his kicks.  It didn’t erase the fact that I still felt negative towards my self-esteem of my image.  My hubby was a great support👫  😘  , he told me I was beautiful everyday as he kissed me and rubbed my belly and did the best to make me feel beautiful but I still struggled with it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 5.34.36 PM

By the end of October, I had my baby shower and I started to notice that I was gaining a lot of weight👺  . Just that month alone I gained 18 lbs and I was very swollen. My feet looked like ogre feet,👣   non of my shoes fit me. The skin of both my feet and hands hurt really bad and my back was killing me.  My face looked like the moon has swallowed the sun…👹   lmao…trust me it was really bad. At my 35th week checkup I was admitted to the hospital due to diagnosed with preeclampsia. My blood pressure was over the roof. I was scared as my baby was not due until the end of December. My doctor tried to control my high blood pressure but by my 36th week which was exactly on Thanksgiving Day doctor said “This baby needs to come out” I took a breath and prayed that everything would be ok. This was the day GOD chose for my baby to be born and with that my labor journey began. Due to high complications it was unfortunate that I had to undergo a C-Section. My life and my baby’s life were at risk; therefore, natural delivery was out of the question.

Mission: Get My Body Back

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 5.46.16 PM

Once I was discharged from the hospital, I immediately weighed myself and looked into the mirror.  I was still swollen and my appearance had not changed much except I didn’t have this huge belly, now I was just swollen and fat. Its time to fight back and get my body back!!!👊  👊 I searched for my notebook where I wrote all of my notes towards how I lost my 60 lbs and then I started shredding the weight and here we are, 3 weeks post baby and I’m down 39 lbs 💪 💪. Breast feeding made a huge contribution to the weight loss since breast feeding helps you burn an additional 500 calories/day.  I feel amazing!🏋💃💃 Seeing my curves again and feeling great about myself after all of those months being pregnant couldn’t have arrived at a better time ending the year. I will not be able to use my latex waist trainers until my 8th week post baby due to my c-section.  In the meantime, I will be using my non latex body shaper. The body shaper will help me stay lightly compressed and in releasing the remaining water I have retained due to the preeclampsia.

I will keep you ladies posted in the following weeks future blogs with my journey towards loosing an additional 25-30 lbs followed by topics that can help with the challenges we face everyday. Its just a matter of time which I’ll be wearing my waist trainers 6-8hrs a day and back to my at gym/home workout routines. Please be patient as I will try my best to post weekly on my blog any tips, ideas and progress. As a new Parent my baby rules my time now, therefore I have to run around his schedule. I am looking forward in becoming a healthy and fit mommy as I want to lead by example for my son.

My first waist training experience losing 70 lbs over the summer.

Author: Esmeralda Santos  | August 27th 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 8.12.00 PM

While growing up I always wondered “Am I just destined to be thick boned forever?”  Because it seems like whenever I lost 2 lbs I gained 5 over the weekend, then lost it again then back up.  I would get out of the shower and hurry skip the mirror to put some clothes on because I didnt wanna see my skin.  Then visually I accepted myself and life went on.  I got fed up with hiding and decided to make a change once and for all.  I knew diet and workouts were necessary and started slowly improving my eating habits and then I discovered waist training.

About me

Im no different than your girl next door.  In love with fashion and designs living in a city where physical appearance is high in demand.  I love food, you name it if its yummy yes girl lets go.  Lets party and drink it up lets have fun.  Then after the nasty hangover the next day stop and ask myself “how in the world do my girlfriends indulge themselves into eating frenzy like I do but they are like models?”

-“Oh dont worry girl you look good baby youre beautiful”…they say

-“Dont listen to what other people think about you, as long as you’re comfortable thats all that matters but I heard Maria is doing this herbalife weight watchers stuff but I see no difference…dont tell Maria I said that.”…..they say.  Sorry ladies Im going to try something new.


What is Waist training?

First I must admit, Television is one of my biggest poisons.  I love to watch Kim K and Klhoe K they are so beautiful.  The Hourglass shape they have is something we always desire but our own version of it.  Waist training is a garment applied wrapped around our core to help mold our mid section into that hourglass we desire so much.  Fat isn’t necessarily bad its just we all want it in the right places.  For the record let me set this straight.  Waist training can be one of two things. Strictly one of two things.

-Waist training to mold your waist:  This is a very strong compression garment made of full latex and internal steel boning.  Its sole purpose is to mold your waist into the hourglass shape.  Absolutely no weight loss, you will weigh the same.  Its simply re-distributing the fat for a smooth curvy look.  Feels very stiff doesn’t allow much movement.  Ment to wear doing light office work or walking at most.

-Waist training to lose weight:  These are the more flexible trainers that come in colors.  It has less amount of latex and at times easier to put on.  Internally it has plastic boning because its ment to use during high intensity workouts which require lots of flexibility like Yoga or Boot camp or Zumba.

So does it work?

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 8.58.01 PM


I heard waist training isn’t good for you

Can I tell you how many times Ive heard this?

“Its just a fad” – Little did you know waist training has been around for centuries before we were even alive. The old method used lacing and Im Super scared of that simply because you have no limit to how tight it should be.  Anyone strong enough can super compress the lace so tight to make your food come out..eww.  I prefer the My Size method.

“It moves your organs” – Oh wow when I heard this I had to find the pregnancy book and educate my lovely friends.  Here is the real facts:  No it does not move your organs, but one thing does and thats being pregnant on your third Tri-mester.  The baby’s growth by nature must create more space for the baby to grow and thats when your organs shift.  Still healthy even while that happens.

“It breaks your rib cage” – What are we elders?  Ok so this statement is only true if you’re 90 years old.  If you’re an elder DO NOT WAIST TRAIN.  By this I mean late 70’s+.  As we enter our elderly phase our bones become weaker by nature.  But if you’re ages 20 – 50’s your ribs are fine.

“Waist training doesn’t work just diet and exercise” – So those that say usually this are one of the following:

A) Cannot afford a waist trainer but wants a waist trainer and hates the fact that you’re getting a waist trainer before her.

B) Purchased a waist trainer that was the wrong size and gave up.

C) Purchased a China-Made Waist Trainer which showed no results or punctured and broke. Ill post another article regarding this soon.

D) Purchased a waist trainer but cheated by being consistent without diet nor exercise and barely uses it collecting dust.

E) Personal Trainers and gym instructors.  They are super against it due to conflict of interest.  Think of it this way; Dentist dont want you to use whitening to whiten your teeth because then you wont visit the dentist.  Personal trainers earn a living by you working out with them.  Nothing wrong with personal trainers I have two of them.  Instead I wear my workout trainer while working out with my personal trainer.  Instructors of big classes just fear that you wont come back.  I say keep going but wear your trainer.

First Step:  Change your lifestyle


Thru this first step phase I had to make alot of changes in my life.  Including friends.  Some of my girls i’ve known for years and I truly love them.  However there came a point where I asked them to join me by eating healthier and working out.  Sadly some said “yea I just dont have time ” -but funny how shes always available for pizza night or ready for the bar or nightclubs or restaurants.

I didnt get rid of them entirely but during the week I would concentrate on keeping them away while Im trying to do the above diagram picture.  This change was so serious even co-workers that come around with the peer pressure “Hey Esmeralda you wanna grab lunch at subways?” -no Nina I brought my own lunch Im trying to eat healthy- “Hay girl save that for dinner, lets go me and the other girls are waiting for you!”  This would be everyday at work.  Like clockwork prime time TV never fails.

So here is my advise:  The Power of the Word NO.  Im not saying never have lunch with your peers but pay attention on how many times you say yes to their idea, and how many times they say yes to your “Bring your own lunch” idea.  If you do end up going, share a plate with your girl or order a light salad with water.  You manage your body, not them.  They dont sh what you eat so you make the choice.

The point of this step is discipline.  If you dont have discipline then all will fail.  Inner strength and anti-peer pressure for perseverance on weight loss.  It wasn’t easy for me at all here is my personal change list of eating:

-Cut Soda entirely. Like not even Diet soda.

-Cut Juices except highly concentrated grape fruit juice, the only liquid I drank was water and big bottles of it per day.

-No rice and beans at all.  If you’re hispanic this is like cutting your veins. “WHAT MARIA YOU CRAZY! CUT MY ARROZ AND CHULETA???”  Yup.  Im not saying abandon it forever.  But for weight loss let it go. Its not going anywhere.

-No White breads or crazy complex cards.  I dont care about what anyone tells me but this is organic and thats Kosher NO!  Power of NO.  Instead simple carbs like veggies.

-No Red Meats.  White meat only.  No racial to the herd or farmer.  More to come on another blog post.

Waist Training Day 1


The struggle is REAL!  I received my first waist trainer and asked my skinny sister to help me put it on.  It was a war zone.  If anyone saw us it looked like were fighting.  The hooks were so far from closing it was impossible.

I put the waist trainer down and asked my sister to come over in the morning.  I woke up when she knocked on the door.  I used the bathroom for my morning needs and said ok lets go sis.  Similar battle but then I asked her where was the size tag I felt it on my lower back.  She said yea its by your butt.  No no flip it around so its below my bra strap.

Ok round 2. We tried from the hooking the bottom clip first.  No luck.  We then tried the top hooks first and Finally the first hook clipped. A million clips to go.  I tried looking down myself and clipping but I couldn’t barely see the clips as my nails were getting in the way.  Then I found my tall mirror.  I said wait a second.  I stood in front of it and I then could see everything and managed to clip the rest.

Once you get past the middle, the rest is easy.

Ok so now I can barely breath looking super stiff.  My sister said walk around a bit flex it out like wearing those new heels you bought the other day.  wear it in.  Day 1 wearing my 3 Hook Classica was tough.  I felt like taking it off so many times and often my mind tricked me thinking something was stabbing but after checking nothing was detected.  I wore it for 8 consecutive hours then when I got home I took it off and WHOAH what a relief!  Got into my gym-wear and hit the gym.

Day 2 wasn’t too bad as day one.  Although parts of the day I forgot I was wearing it.

Day 3 easy putting it on.  Barely noticed I was wearing it.

When I woke up on day 4 OMG I looked in the mirror and started to notice change!  This day of glory right here ladies is addicting!  This moment of change made me hit the gym harder than ever and the power of No become stronger.  Whenever someone asked me to eat junk food or skip the gym…immediately take a look at your before picture and by looking at this picture you’ll remind yourself that you dont wanna go back to that.